Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virginia Governor McDonnell Blinks on Ultrasound Bill

According to a Washington Post story, some Virginia legislators had no idea how invasive an ultrasound can be.  REALLY????  They didn't even think to Google it?

Some Virginia Republicans are demanding pregnant women seeking an abortion go through a medical procedure that they know nothing about.  They want government to dictate what doctors should do, but are ignorant of medical procedures and have complete disregard for the patients, who, by the way, are all women.

Whether you believe abortion is moral or immoral, government should never be allowed to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship. Years ago, forced sterilizations were the result of government interference in the lives of men and women.  From the 1930s into the 1970s, state governments approved the sterilization of men and women legislators believed would be incompetent parents (Compulsory Sterilization).

Sterilization continued in North Carolina into the 1970s, but in every state government officials targeted not only the mentally disabled, but the poor, mainly people of color, and those the state considered "promiscuous".  This is what can happen when government demands medical procedures based on the religious, moral, or personal beliefs of those in power.

Virginia's Governor McDonnell said he would sign the bill until Democrats noted that doing an ultrasound against a woman's will is equivalent to rape with a foreign object and violates Virginia's object sexual penetration law.  While this may have caused McDonnell to blink, he needs to reassess how this bill violates the doctor-patient relationship and forces big government into the examination room. This bill is simply bad legislation.

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